DDS Public Hearing Testimonies, July 18

Comments on Sonoma Developmental Center Closure Plan, Meg Beeler – Sonoma Mountain Preservation, Chair

Uses for the SDC Property, Harry Boon – Mobil Home National Association, Former Member and Board of Directors

SDC Transition, Bonnie Brown – Sonoma Valley Resident

Comments From the Sonoma Ecology Center on SDC Closure Plan, Caitlin Cornwall – Sonoma Ecology Center, Biologist & Research Program Manager

SDC Hearing, Gina Cuclis – Sonoma County Board of Education, Area One Trustee and Sonoma Valley Resident

Letters of Great Concern, Anne Cunnyngham Russell and Catherine Cunnyngham Jordeth – Co-Conservators of SDC Resident/Family Member

Comment Letter on Desired Elements for the SDC Closure Plan, Arthur Dawson – Glen Ellen resident and Historical Consultant (Baseline Consulting)

Transforming the Sonoma Developmental Center in Glen Ellen, CA, Suzanna Doyle – Sierra Club, Chair of the Sonoma Group

Recommendations Regarding the Transformation of SDC, Mari Emmons – Sonoma Valley Resident

SDC Testimony, Brien Farrell – Conservator of SDC Resident/Family Member

SDC Testimony, Neal Fishman – Sonoma Land Trust, Board Member 

SDC Change Testimony, Anne French – Sonoma Developmental Center, Staff Physician M.D.

SDC Transformation Letter, Barbara Gegan – Conservator and Family Member of a SDC Resident

Citizen’s of the Sonoma Valley, Marilyn Goode – Sonoma Mountain Preservation

Sonoma County Comments Regarding the Furture Use of the Sonoma Developmental Center’s Property and Other Input to Inform the Closure Plan, Susan Gorin – Chair, Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

Comments on the Closure of the SDC, Elizabeth Griego – Interested CITIZEN

State of California, SDC VOTMA Comment Letter, Linda Hale – Valley of the Moon Alliance, Secretary

Letter on Proposed Closure of SDC to DDS, Ronald Hall – Conservator of SDC Resident/Family Member

Letter to Legislature – Transform SDC, Pearl Loustalot – Conservator of SDC Resident/Family Member

Letter to Legislature, Renée Loustalot – Conservator of SDC Resident/Family Member

An Open Letter to Governor Jerry Brown, Tom Martin – Sonoma County Gazette
Also available via the Sonoma County Gazette website, here.

Resolution Supporting the Transformation of SDC, Margie Mitchell – First Congregational Church of Sonoma

Public Hearing on Transform SDC Testimony, Kathleen Miller – Parent Hospital Association, President

Sonoma Land Trust Testimony, John McCaull – Sonoma Land Trust, Land Acquisition Project Manager

Testimony for Public Comment on SDC Closure Plan, Joan Nolan – Conservator of SDC Resident/Family Member

Proposal Spiritual Care During Transition, Noelani Sheckler-Smith BCC – Catholic Chaplain, Sonoma Developmental Center

Opinion on the Closure of SDC, Will Shonbrun – Local writer in the Sonoma Valley

Transforming Sonoma Developmental Center in Glen Ellen, CA, Teri Shore – Greenbelt Alliance, Regional Director for the North Bay

Letter to DDS and Legislature, Jacqueline L. Smaldino – Conservator of SDC Resident/Family Member

A Vulnerable Group of People, Monica Schwalbenberg-Peña – R.N.

Sonoma Closure Comments, Pat Walter – Conservator of SDC Resident/Family Member

2 thoughts on “DDS Public Hearing Testimonies, July 18

  1. Sonoma Closure Comments

    Hi Pat,

    Your comments have been received by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Your input on the future of the Sonoma Development Center is very important to us. Thank you for submitting your comments via the online form on the DDS website.

    Below is a copy of your submission:

    Your relationship with the Sonoma Development Center: Parent or relative of an individual at SDC
    Your name: Pat Walter

    Your comments:

    Let’s talk about the clients at SDC, the consumers of Department of Developmental Disabilities services. What a smart Public Relations move it was to turn people, the patients and residents of the Sonoma State Hospital into economic units: Into clients and consumers . It is hard to view economic units with social compassion and moral responsibility. The decision by the Governor to close SDC comes at time when it is generally accepted that we have a “Health Care Crisis” and a “Housing Crisis”. The Development Centers simply provide the most vulnerable of the developmentally and mentally disabled with health care and housing apart from the general economic competition for these resources. The Governor says that the long neglected and underfunded Regional Center System(RC) will provide for the fragile folks now at SDC. This is while the State has continued to keep the rates the RCs can pay for services so far the going market rate that too few stable homes or care providers exist for the less fragile people already in the RC System. Too many of the disabled being taken out of SDC will wind up in jails, emergency rooms and eventually morgues. These economic units will simply no longer need to be given California State Budget consideration.

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