Change, SDC’s Future

June 15, 2015:

A great article from the Valley of the Moon Magazine describes the Sonoma Developmental Center, capturing the struggles the Center continues to face and the obvious fact that change will happen in the near future.

“400 severely disabled human beings,
1,300 jobs, 945 acres of priceless open space.
What will the future hold?”

Please take a few minutes to read this insightful article below.

Inside Outside SDC

Provided courtesy of the Valley of the Moon Magazine, with stories and photos by David Bolling.

5 thoughts on “Change, SDC’s Future

    • transformsdc says:


      Some former SDC residents do and have blossomed in “the community,” but those that are still at SDC consist of the most fragile population, most of whom would or have had a very hard time adjusting to community settings. These are the individuals we are concerned for with the proposed closure of SDC.

      Thank you,
      transformsdc, Sonoma Land Trust


      • robin keehn says:

        I encourage you to check and visit Regional Centers in the northern CA region to see how they provide services to medically fragile clients. I’m most familiar with Far Northern Regional Center. Years of program development and training have lead to excellant homes for these clients. The cost is much much less and based on my personal experience, the accounability and famly involvement is much higher in the community than in SCD’s.


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