A resource provided by the Sonoma Land Trust

SDC Property Boundary (white outline)

Sonoma Land Trust has a long history of advocating for urban spaces where wildlife can thrive. Our involvement with SDC is focused on those key spaces that are known pathways for our rich and diverse wildlife population. The Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor which runs through the Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) is a critical access way for numerous species for safe passage between green spaces that make up a network of thriving habitats in Sonoma. These critical pathways, which provide access to food and water, are at serious risk of obstruction or abandonment if proper considerations are not made when redeveloping the SDC main campus. 

Sonoma Land Trust understands the necessary considerations that are essential to ensure that the irreplaceable corridor value of SDC campus and adjacent open space remain viable options for wildlife movement and health. We have, and will continue to offer our expertise and funding to the state and county decision makers involved in shaping the future of SDC’s campus for wildlife corridor conservation and enhancement.

Eamon O’Byrne
Executive Director
Sonoma Land Trust

Documents from recent webinar (Sept 8)

Tips for Commenting on the SDC Specific Plan and Environmental Document
Prepared by Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP (September 2022)

Public comments can be made at the September 15 Planning Commission meeting or via email or mail by September 23

SDC Project Documents

SDC Public Review Draft Specific Plan (August 2022)

SDC Specific Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (August 2022)
Appendices to the SDC Specific Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report (August 2022)

Permit Sonoma will seek public comment on the draft Environmental Impact Report for 45 days from Aug. 10 until Sept. 26, 2022. The complete draft report is available for review at Permit Sonoma at 2550 Ventura Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95403. Comments can be made via email to or by writing to

Brian Oh, Comprehensive Planning Manager
Permit Sonoma County of Sonoma
2550 Ventura Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

You can also comment at the upcoming public meetings:

  • SVCAC presentation – August 24
  • Planning Commission meeting – September 15

SDC Land and Water Protection Proposal (2019)

SDC Site Transformation Study (Potrero Group, 2015)

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