California Senators to Discuss Funding

June 29, 2015:

Because California’s new budget did not include extra funds for programs geared towards those with developmental disabilities, Governor Brown has called for a special session in order to discuss how the state could raise the money.

“State senators who will serve on a special session to discuss additional funding for services for those with developmental disabilities have been chosen, but it’s uncertain when the committee will convene.”

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California senators chosen to discuss funding for developmentally disabled

Provided courtesy of the Los Angeles Daily News, by Susan Abram.

McGuire’s Letter

June 16, 2015:

With news of Governor Brown’s plan to close SDC by 2018, the Sonoma legislative delegation has been urging the Governor to include critical protections for SDC residents, staff and the property’s natural resources in the final version of the FY 2015-2016 state budget which directs DDS to submit a closure plan to the Legislature for review.

“Ensuring that appropriate and individualized community services are in place before residents are moved from the SDC to community placements. Ensuring that critical services…”

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McGuire’s Letter

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DDS Announces Closure and Stakeholder Outreach Plan for SDC

June 5, 2015:

On behalf of the Department of Developmental Services Director Santi Rogers, the following letter, addressed to residents, family members, employees, regional centers, and other interested parties explains the efforts being put forth and the plan moving forward for the Sonoma Developmental Center since the announcement of SDC’s proposed closure by 2018.

“The state is attempting to negotiate a settlement with the federal government to continue….”

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DDS Announces Closure and Stakeholder Outreach Plan for SDC

SDC Fact Sheet For Our Legislative Effort

June 1, 2015:

Sonoma County, Parent Hospital Association, Sonoma Ecology Center and the Sonoma Land Trust have produced a two page “fact sheet” for use in our legislative effort to ensure that the closure process for SDC includes meaningful and significant public participation, and that the residents, employees and resources of SDC are honored and protected during this process.  The fact sheet is in direct response to many of the concerns and criticisms that we heard in the Legislature this past year about the quality of care at SDC, and a general lack of knowledge about its many benefits and resources.

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SDC Fact Sheet

Continuing Talks About SDC Closure

June 1, 2015:

The desire to close the Sonoma Developmental Center in three years, as previously stated is too soon. But with this timeline in place, the coalition has been working extra hard to find a way to extend it and create a plan based off the feedback received at the first workshop to delay these closure plans imposed by Governor Brown’s office.

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Governor wants to close SDC in three years

Provided courtesy of The Kenwood Press website, by Jay Gamel.

SDC Closure Letter From Assemblymember Marc Levine

May 21, 2015:

The following is an additional letter that has been submitted to the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees from Assemblymember Marc Levine regarding the Governor’s recent budget proposal to close SDC by 2018 along with the trailer bill language requiring that the Department of Developmental Services provide a closure plan to the Legislature by October 1st of this year.

“Therefore, I respectfully request that if closure of SDC remains in the budget, that the appropriate Senate and Assembly Budget Subcommittees consider the following changes in adopting budget language relative to closure of SDC…”

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SDC Closure Letter From Assemblymember Marc Levine

Articles Continue to Increase Concerning the State’s Plan to Close SDC

May 20, 2015:

Below, you’ll find the two latest articles on the recent news of the state’s plan to close the Sonoma Developmental Center by 2018. With such a short timeline, news has spread quickly, where members of the SDC Coalition and our local legislators are pushing back to extend such a timeline.

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Editorial: Closing SDC will be no easy move for residents

State Closing Last Three Developmental Centers Community; ‘Blindsided’ by Plan

Provided courtesy of the Sonoma Index-Tribune website, by Jason Walsh and the California Healthline website, by David Gorn, respectively.

SDC Budget Letter Regarding Proposed Closure of Sonoma Developmental Center in State Budget

May 20, 2015:

The following is the letter state legislators representing Sonoma County and the Sonoma Developmental Center have submitted to the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees regarding the recent budget proposal.

“We ask that the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees consider a more reasonable timeline to allow better planning to ensure patient health and safety, community preparedness, and….”

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SDC Budget Letter from Dodd, McGuire, Wolk, and Wood