SDC Fact Sheet For Our Legislative Effort

June 1, 2015:

Sonoma County, Parent Hospital Association, Sonoma Ecology Center and the Sonoma Land Trust have produced a two page “fact sheet” for use in our legislative effort to ensure that the closure process for SDC includes meaningful and significant public participation, and that the residents, employees and resources of SDC are honored and protected during this process.  The fact sheet is in direct response to many of the concerns and criticisms that we heard in the Legislature this past year about the quality of care at SDC, and a general lack of knowledge about its many benefits and resources.

Please take a look at the fact sheet provided in the link below.

SDC Fact Sheet

2 thoughts on “SDC Fact Sheet For Our Legislative Effort

  1. I was not able to stay at a forum to leave a comment. I would like to see the original farm model at SDC brought back so that military service people who need a place to recuperate can stay and work in this rural setting. There are many models of programs in this country of gardens, animal sanctuaries, farms where people with PTSD can heal. It can be a self-sustaining enterprise along with job training. I want to keep current and add new clients at SDC, expand services for others needing medical and mental health attention, use buildings for non-profits and renew the farm program.


    • Thank you for your well developed and intriguing comment! We will add this to our data base of comments we’ve been compiling from participants and concerned citizens. This was in fact mentioned and supported by numerous individuals at the workshop. A very common end goal, and for good reason.



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