Continuing Talks About SDC Closure

June 1, 2015:

The desire to close the Sonoma Developmental Center in three years, as previously stated is too soon. But with this timeline in place, the coalition has been working extra hard to find a way to extend it and create a plan based off the feedback received at the first workshop to delay these closure plans imposed by Governor Brown’s office.

For the latest article on SDC, please click on the link below.

Governor wants to close SDC in three years

Provided courtesy of The Kenwood Press website, by Jay Gamel.

4 thoughts on “Continuing Talks About SDC Closure

  1. After attending the recent budget subcommittee hearing, I think an effort to bring to public attention the inadequacies of the small group home program, the bad experiences which I have reason believe many people have suffered in those environments, and the refusal of DDS and the regional centers to disclose information regarding basic outcomes and practices in the group homes, is essential. PHA has been unsuccessful in past Public Records act requests for basic information including mortality rates and restraint practices, This is an adversarial situation. Developing a community plan is a good thing, but we have to advocate for the State and the Feds to acknowledge the need to maintain some presence of larger facilities with necessary expertise. I don’t believe this will happen without exposing the record of the group homes and the basic inadequacy of the group home approach for all developmentally disabled people.

    Jerry Bernhaut

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    • I couldn’t agree with you more Jerry. Accessing basic information about the inadequacies of the small group home programs would help facilitate our goals in showing the State and the Feds that we need to maintain some presence of large facilities with necessary expertise for those who can not make it in group homes.

      Not everyone is created equal; there needs to be multiple options.



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