The New Budget, Sonoma Developmental Center’s Possible Future

May 19, 2015:

As stated in last weeks article post, Governor Brown has revealed a plan to close the facility by 2018. SDC, and all of the remaining DC facilities in California, are home to the most fragile populations within our state health care system. The Governor’s budget has proposed that the Department of Developmental Services submit the closure plan for the Sonoma Developmental Center to the Legislature by October 1, 2015.  Members of the SDC Coalition and our local legislators are pushing back to extend the timeline for this report, and require a more collaborative and open dialogue with our local elected officials and community groups before submittal of a closure plan.  Stay tuned!

Please check out the following articles below for all of the details.

New Budget calls for closing Sonoma Developmental Center by 2018

PD Editorial: A hasty bid to shut down Sonoma center

Provided courtesy of the Press Democrat website, by Derek Moore.

One thought on “The New Budget, Sonoma Developmental Center’s Possible Future

  1. Please consider sharing this information with the group as the Saturday meeting is focused on history of SDC. Thanks. 


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