Sept 8 Webinar Follow-up

Dear SDC workshop participants, 

Thank you for registering for the September 8 workshop on the SDC draft EIR and specific plan. If you missed it, please take the time to view the recording here. To learn more, please also visit where we will be posting the presentation slides of the “Tips for Reviewing the Sonoma Developmental Center Specific Plan and Environmental Document” in the next few days. Remember to make your comments personal and from your own impressions and personal experience. 

As Sonoma Land Trust prepares our public comments for the upcoming Planning Commission hearing on September 15,  we will be focusing on how incompatible levels of development and new roads pose serious risks to the integrity of the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor. Roads and wildlife corridors don’t mix well, and insufficient buffers between new housing and commercial uses on the campus and the corridor itself threaten to eliminate an already narrow “pinch point” for wildlife movement.  

If you are looking for more information about SDC planning, sale, and open space transfers, here are some important links: 

·         California Department of General Services- SDC Surplus property RFP 

·         Council of Infill Builders: 

·         Sonoma County Specific Plan website: 

Please also remember that there is a parallel process underway for a long-held community goal of transferring the 750+ acres of SDC open space lands into state and county park ownership. To learn more about how this can happen, please review the SDC Land and Water Protection Proposal on our website. 

Keep an eye out for further communications from Sonoma Land Trust with future action items before the September 26 comment deadline on the Draft Specific Plan and EIR. 

Thank you, 

John McCaull 
Land Acquisition Director
Sonoma Land Trust

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