Sonoma Land Trust

Our Mission Sonoma Land Trust protects the scenic, natural agricultural and open landscape of Sonoma County for the benefit of the community and future generations by: Developing long-term land protection strategies; Promoting private and public funding for land and conservation; Acquiring land and conservation easements; Practicing stewardship, including the restoration of conservation properties; and Promoting … Continue reading Sonoma Land Trust

Transform SDC Project

In order to serve as an organized voice for the local community, and to protect the people and the assets of the Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC), Sonoma Land Trust (SLT) and our partners have launched the “Transform SDC” Project. Situated on 1,000 acres, the Sonoma Developmental Center not only has provided residential care for developmentally … Continue reading Transform SDC Project

SDC Coalition

The Coalition is working to: Retain the Sonoma Developmental Center services on the property, and explore other complementary and appropriate uses within the footprint of the facilities. Advocate for the permanent protection of the open land on the SDC property and the essential services it provides, such as habitat and movement corridors for wildlife, clean … Continue reading SDC Coalition

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