The Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor Needs Your Help

Please attend the public hearings on November 13th and November 17th regarding the proposed development alternatives for SDC and follow the link above to read an important message from Sonoma Land Trust’s Executive Director Eamon O’Byrne about how you can make a difference in saving this regional environmental treasure.

4 thoughts on “The Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor Needs Your Help

  1. The consultant s have not listened to the community nor specific interest groups but applied a cookie cutter approach.
    Wildlife corridor needs to be protected but there also needs to be reasonable option for a few homes for the disabled as mentioned in the legislation


  2. Thank goodness someone has said this out loud ! All of the plans include high density buildout, no provisions for open space between homes, and no descriptions or statistics of the impacts of the hotels planned in each proposal. Traffic studies predict gridlock! Groundwater is at risk already. Why can’t we float a bond to satisfy the state and keep this as open space with refurbishing buildings as low income housing on the West side of the campus which is proposed? The state deadline looms despite CoVID…which needs to be appealed.


  3. Hello. During the webinar last night it was mentioned that we should contact a website directly to leave comments concerning SDC’s development. Could you please provide that website info again?

    Thank you: Lisa Hidalgo


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