Action Alert: Let Governor Brown Know You Want Progress on SDC Governance, State Funding, and Land Protection

August 20, 2018. The Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) is preparing for final closure after 127 years of operation. The State of California has acknowledged the unique natural values of the property, and the central role SDC has played as the largest employer in the Valley. Over the last several months, Sonoma County has thankfully taken a leadership role in negotiations with the state on how to transition the governance, ownership, and use of this remarkable property.

As the 2018 legislative session concludes this month, it does not appear that the Governor, the Legislature, and the County have been able to come to an agreement on how to manage the transition. We are concerned that if no agreement is in place before Governor Brown leaves office, it will be much harder to maintain community trust and engagement in what state officials have consistently described as a “unique and collaborative effort” to plan a new future for SDC.

We need your help! Please take a moment to sign our petition, and write a letter to the Governor telling him why SDC is so important to you, or your organization. The message is simple: we are asking the state to keep its promises, and to provide the financial support and legal authority to Sonoma County to protect and steward this incredible community asset, and to plan a visionary future for the property.

We have provided a sample letter (see below), and we ask that you send the letter to the Governor (hard copy and email), and that you also send electronic copies of the letter to our local Sonoma legislators and the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. We have also attached a handy document with all the postal and email addresses you will need. And, if you can send a copy of your letter to us, we can then keep track of how many of you have weighed in. Please send copies to John McCaull at

Thanks for your assistance, and now go and write that letter to the Governor!

Sample Letter to Governor Brown on SDC 8-20-18

Addresses for Governor Brown and Other Officials

8 thoughts on “Action Alert: Let Governor Brown Know You Want Progress on SDC Governance, State Funding, and Land Protection

  1. It is imperative that the local communities of Glen Ellen and surrounding communities have the majority decision in the future of the Sonoma Developmental Center property upon its closure. The local citizens and tax payers deserve that consideration. This is a unique piece of property, owned by the public and belongs to the public domain. The State of California has an obligation to assist and support in any manner required in this request.


  2. To whom it may concern: Please allow Eldridge to be a community asset concerning open space and recreation. This is imperative to the vibrant health of the entire Sonoma Valley.
    Thank you
    Keith Saar


  3. The Eldridge community is a natural to be part of the Jack London State Park. Please consider making this a priority.


    Schuyler Richardson


  4. LOW INCOME HOUSING all along Arnold Dr.; bus lines !
    Homeless shelters for Vets, another for Young people, family’s etc . with advice centers. Open all day . No get up & Out by early AM hours.
    Housing for Poor people, singles, youth, families, real houses with covered parking, storage sheds, etc.
    Fix the current houses & structures; turn some into apartments; AND Build more. ALL along Arnold & close to Arnold.


    Not one; NO multi-million dollar housing AT ALL !
    NONE ! Not One !

    They use to use an area for fire crews, emergency’s
    Keep it !


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