New DDS Website for SDC

July 2, 2015:

Please view DDS’s new website on the Sonoma Developmental Center here for all the latest correspondence, public comments and notices, as well as resources and links relating to the Transform SDC project.

Provided courtesy of the State of California Department of Developmental Services website.

Federal Funding Deal Reached for Sonoma Developmental Center

July 2, 2015:

An agreement has been reached that secures continued federal Medicaid funding for the Eldridge facility, as previously stated here.

“Rogers (Director of the state Department of Developmental Services) said the federal funding will help the department transform the Sonoma Facility as described in a plan produced by a special task force that INVESTIGATED the future of the state’s developmental centers.”

Please read the rest of the article by clicking on the link below.

Deal reached to preserve Sonoma Developmental Center’s federal funding

Provided courtesy of the Press Democrat website, by Martin Espinoza.