The Impact of “Low-Impact” Activities on Wildlife

February 19, 2015:

The following is a rather interesting article about the impact of “low-impact” activities such as hiking on wildlife. There were contributions made to the article by the editor at Outside magazine, who has quite the experience writing about the outdoors and environment.

Check this link out if you enjoy a great educational read.

Leaving Only Footsteps? Think Again

Provided courtesy of The New York Times website, by Christopher Solomon.

Protecting the Land and the People of Sonoma Developmental Center

January 1, 2015:

Located in the “pinch-point” of the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor, nearly 800 of the Sonoma Developmental Center’s 1,000 acres are undeveloped and wild, making it critical habitat for wider-ranging mammals, like mountain lion, deer, bobcat, bear, and coyote. This is why Sonoma Land Trust is a leading partner of the effort to develop a community-centered plan for SDC.

The Sonoma Land Trust Fall Newsletter

California Master Bird Sheet, Sonoma Developmental Center

January 1, 2015:

Through surveying the Sonoma Developmental Center, there has been a broad collaboration of individuals collecting their bird sightings into one California Master Bird Sheet attached below.

California Master Bird Sheet, Sonoma Developmental Center

For all you avid birders roaming the Sonoma Developmental Center and the surrounding land, let us know what you see!

Cross your fingers for a Northern Spotted Owl!