SDC Background Documents, Photos & Maps

January 25, 2022 Staff Report and Presentation to Board of Supervisors on SDC Specific Plan Project Description Framework

Summary Report

Project Description

SLT Comment on SDC Draft Alternatives 11-17-21

SLT Comments on SDC Draft Alternatives 11-17-21

Draft Alternatives for SDC Specific Plan (Nov. 2021)

Vision Statement and Guiding Principles (Jan. 2021)

SDC Specific Plan Profile and Background Report (Sept. 2020)

Potrero Group SDC Site Transformation Study (2015)


by Scott Hess
hikers on SDC
draft resource assessment
change sdc's future (VOM mag)
The Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor
preserving sdc
by Scott Hess Photography
Lake with purple flowers


presentation on sdc wildlife corridor map
Sonoma Developmental Center

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