Legislative and State Agency Documents

Developmental Services Task Force: Examination of Opportunities to Strengthen the Community-Based Services System (Draft July 2017)”  – July 18, 2017

Plan for Crisis and Other Safety Net Services in the California Developmental Services System -July 18, 2017

Summary of the Department of Developmental Services Proposed Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget for Closure of Developmental CentersFebruary 11, 2016…Read More

DDS Draft Plan for the Closure of Sonoma Developmental Center – September 17, 2015

Federal Funding Deal Reached for Sonoma Developmental Center – July 2, 2015

SB 82, DDS Trailer BillJune 26, 2015

McGuire’s Letter – June 16, 2015

DDS Announces Closure and Stakeholder Outreach Plan for SDCJune 5, 2015

SDC Closure Letter From Assemblymember Marc Levine – May 21, 2015

SDC Budget Letter Regarding Proposed Closure of Sonoma Developmental Center in State BudgetMay 20, 2015

The New Budget, Sonoma Developmental Center’s Possible FutureMay 19, 2015

Governor Proposes Multi-Year Goal for Closure of All Three Developmental CentersMay 14, 2015

Give Local Planning for the Future of SDC a Chance March 23, 2015

SDC Legislative Meeting, Photo March 14, 2015

Subcommittee No.1 on Health and Human Services AgendaMarch 5, 2015

The 2015-2016 Budget: Analysis of the Human Services BudgetFebruary 26, 2015

Sonoma County and the Sonoma County Legislative Delegation Respond to the LAO’s Report on SDCFebruary 26, 2015

Agreeing on a Vision for the Future of the Sonoma Developmental CenterFebruary 5, 2015

The Department of General Services Surplus Land Process and Policy for the Sonoma Developmental Center January 20, 2015

Governor proposes Continued Funding for SDC in 2015-2016 State Budget January 13, 2015

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