Agenda and Detailed Background Report Released for Senate Oversight Hearing on Closure of Remaining Developmental Centers

February 22, 2016:

The Senate Human Services Committee and the Senate Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services will conduct an oversight hearing tomorrow at 1:30 pm on the proposed closure of California’s remaining developmental centers and the “Impact on Residents, Families and the Regional Center System.” The Committees have released a thorough background paper and agenda for the hearing which we have attached to this post. If you are interested in tuning in remotely, you can watch a live video stream or listen to an audio stream of the hearing. Just go to: and scroll down to the hearing and click “Watch” or “Listen.”

Various representatives from the Transform SDC Project will be attending the hearing, and we will provide a full summary later this week.

DC Closure Oversight Hearing Agenda

DC Closure Oversight Hearing Background Paper