New Santa Rosa Community Health Centers clinic to care for developmentally disabled

March 10, 2017:

Santa Rosa Community Health Centers has landed a $2.5 million contract to provide specialized services to Sonoma Developmental Center residents affected by the facility’s planned closure.

The bulk of the funds will be used to purchase property in west Santa Rosa where SRCHC plans to build a new community clinic. That clinic, a $10 million project, will be specially designed to serve patients who are developmentally disabled but will be open to all.

“It will have large exam rooms, larger doorways and hallways and a quiet waiting room for people who have high sensitivity to noise,” said Naomi Fuchs, SRCHC’s chief executive officer.

With the scheduled closure of Sonoma Developmental Center in 2018, its remaining 350 residents will be transferred to community-based housing in Sonoma, Solano and Napa counties. That would leave many of them without in-house medical, dental, mental and adaptive services.

The new clinic will feature physical therapy and specially designed dental operating rooms to accommodate wheelchairs and gurneys, as well as sedation dentistry, a medical procedure where patients are given sedative drugs to reduce patient fear and anxiety. The health center will include a qualified clinical director and medical director to oversee operations, and it will have a higher staffing ratio than other SRCHC clinics.

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Provided courtesy of The Press Democrat, by Martin Espinoza.

2 thoughts on “New Santa Rosa Community Health Centers clinic to care for developmentally disabled

  1. It seems that transporting patients from care centers in three counties to this facility will be very expensive and potentially disturbing to the patients. Why won’t they just let them stay in one place and have the health care on-site? This clinic needs to be at SDC and the current patients need to stay there. I realize this is already decided by the state, yet it is poor planning and very
    unresponsible fiscal use of state funds.


  2. It’s great that there will be a clinic in Santa Rosa to handle medical issues for those in North Bay Regional. My son is scheduled to move to a community home in Livermore, Alameda County. I want to know if a clinic will be built in other communities to service other Regional Centers. It is imperative – you cannot expect a client to be driven 100 miles away for a medical service needed. This really concerns me as my son requires 24 hr nursing care. His issues may need attention quickly and so I want to know if there is a clinic to be built to serve others living a distance from Santa Rosa. Otherwise I would ask for a transfer of my son to be under the auspices of North Bay Regional Center. Thank you. Janice Pruett


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