Decreasing Aid For People With Developmental Disabilities

December 15, 2015:

“The Arc is a national nonprofit with chapters across the country that offer programs and services for people with developmental disabilities. “It means a lot to me,” Palone says. “It gets me out of the house, and it helps me interact with people.”

But in California, aid for people with developmental disabilities is decreasing due to lack of funding for these programs. Please click on the link below to read more about this developing issue.

In California, Aid Withers For People With Developmental Disabilities

Provide courtesy of NPR from KQED, by Melissa Hellmann.

2 thoughts on “Decreasing Aid For People With Developmental Disabilities

  1. This has been going on since about 1970 when California moved to “community-based treatment” which translate to how can we get “less for less.” This is precisely why I am opposed to the closing os SDC. If I could trust the State and the feds to provide what is necessary to properly care for our developmentally impaired citizens I might go along with the plan but nothing has changed in the past 45 years and I have no reason to believe it will going forward.

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  2. People’s needs will not disappear. Governments do have a responsibility to service citizens, even when those folks have disabilities. It has been shown over and over again, the private sector can not and does not fully provide the funding required to fully service folks with developmental disabilities. Government has an important, crucial role to play. And government is shamelessly shirking the responsibility.

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