The Buck Stops Here

August 10, 2015:

What will be the future for the residents at SDC? What will happen to Buck?

“There is more meaning in those four words than anyone not familiar with SDC could ever know. More poignant meaning than any Sacramento legislator, any Department of Finance analyst, even any capital-based bureaucrat in the California Department of Developmental Services will know or care.”

Valley of Moon Magazine describes the meaning of this small metal plaque on the western railing of the bridge along with the current state of SDC and its residents.

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Uncertain SDC

Provided courtesy of the Valley of the Moon Magazine’s website, by David Bolling.

4 thoughts on “The Buck Stops Here

  1. More than Buck are at risk. I recall a mother who had a daughter who had been bounced from community facility to facility and finally ended up at SDC. She stated she walked herself asne. DDS has a plan to confine-lock up- those who can not adapt to community facilities. This more restrictive plan is not humane and will not work. Our loved ones are at major risk!

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  2. Most of clients left at SDC are way up in age, and the place has not received new clients for years. Why not just let them live out their lives, in a great safe place, it wouldn’t be that many years before SDC would close itself. Maybe in the mean time the state could figure out how to use the place to help all the people in the state who need help desperately. Veterans, Homeless, mentally ill, etc.

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  3. I remember this little metal plate. You will find this on the bridge of SDC where at the end of it you will see our patient Buck standing there waving to say Hi…He likes to stay there to pick flowers and throw rocks in the water… I have worked here since 2000. Beautiful place. I miss the staff I have worked with and patients we took care of because were like a one family… but we all got separated. Staff and patients were sent to different units because they closed our home unit…

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