Articles, Encapsulating the DDS Public Hearing

July 21, 2015:

With the DDS Public Hearing held last Saturday, there have been an array of articles summarizing what was heard from the community. Consisting of public testimonies, to that of personal stories from family members and friends, the concern for the future of those living at the Sonoma Developmental Center was voiced. Starting with 125 people in attendance, those who spoke shared the importance of keeping the Center open for this fragile population, as well as preserving the surrounding wildlife.

Please click on the following articles below, starting with the most recent on top to get a clearer perspective on the significance of protecting both the natural resources on the 950-acre property as well as access to critical care for residents.

Public testimony reveals pain of SDC closure, July 20 

Family members argue against closure of Sonoma Developmental Center, July 18

Sonoma Developmental Center hearing, July 18 

Human stories to be aired at SDC session, July 16 

Provided courtesy of the Sonoma Index-Tribune website by Christian Kallen and by Bill Hoban, and the Press Democrat website by Kevin McCallum, respectively.

2 thoughts on “Articles, Encapsulating the DDS Public Hearing

  1. Why don’t you dream, create and transform the Sonoma Development Center for those human beings who are currently residing there instead of transforming it into what you want to see happen to it. It should be what it was intended to be – a haven for the care and compassion for the developmentally handicapped clients that so need their “home.”
    Janice Pruett, Mother
    Christian Grant Eby, Son

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    • Janice,

      You are right, SDC should be for those who it was created for, but the buildings and land that are not being used should also be transformed to better serve the entire community. Transform SDC is about transforming what is available at and surrounding SDC to better serve the entire community, including those that already reside there.

      We thank you for your support as we know that we couldn’t do anything with out community members like you.

      Thank you,

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