Update on Sonoma Developmental Center’s Southern California Counterpart

June 8, 2015:

With the recent closure of Lanterman Developmental Center, it has been decided that the land will be transferred to Cal Poly Pomona, despite that city’s desire to have a role in planning the reuse of the land. Due to the property’s size as well as the location of the center, if could have offered the ability for the city and the region to carry out pioneering projects that they would have benefited from for many years to come.

Please take a look at the article in the link below.

Closed SoCal developmental center will go to university, not private developers

Provided courtesy of the Sonoma Valley Sun website. The article first appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, by Jason Henry and Monica Rodriguez.

2 thoughts on “Update on Sonoma Developmental Center’s Southern California Counterpart

  1. A similar fate for SDC would not necessarily be our best choice but it is not a bad one. It could bring business and jobs to the area, provide a central organization for a variety of community projects, serving as a unifying center for ecological, social service and educational needs of the Valley.


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