Sonoma Developmental Center, Draft Resource Assessment

May 4, 2015:

The SDC Draft Resource Assessment is here, providing a great compilation of a lot of data about the existing conditions on the SDC property!

The Resource Assessment was prepared based on a review of previous studies completed on the property, local and regional reports and monitoring efforts, GIS mapping and analysis, outreach and interviews with individuals familiar with SDC and its regional significance, and assessments of cultural resources, wildlife permeability, and habitat connectivity completed for SLT.  It summarizes the following:

  • existing natural resource conditions, prepared by Prunuske Chatham, Inc.
  • wildlife permeability and habitat connectivity, prepared by UC Berkeley
  • cultural and historical resources, prepared by Tom Origer & Associates
  • water resources, prepared by Sonoma County Water Agency
  • existing recreational resources, prepared by Sonoma County Regional Parks
  • preliminary results of a hazardous materials assessment for areas outside the Core Campus, prepared by ECON/West Yost
  • additional data and input provided by Sonoma Ecology Center

You can also view the Resource Assessment on the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District’s website here.

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