Give Local Planning for the Future of SDC a Chance

March 23, 2015:

The future of the Sonoma Developmental Center is being considered by state officials and legislator, where some seem to have made up their minds already. Through the LAO report, posted earlier here on the blog, as well as the introduction of a bill, SB 639, both are calling for the closure of the Sonoma Center as well as a similar facility in Costa Mesa with the reasoning in both cases being money.

The SDC Coalition is hoping to find a more sensible outcome, one that could promise cost savings for the state and preserve an important community service and critical corridor for wildlife. The coalition is inviting the community to participate in a planning workshop at the Vintage House in Sonoma on May 2nd.

Click on the link below to connect to this great editorial highlighting the efforts being made to preserve the Sonoma Developmental Center.

PD Editorial: Give local plan for Sonoma Developmental Center a chance

Provided courtesy of the Press Democrat website, PD Editorial.

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