SDC Legislative Meeting: Pleas to Save the Center

March 16, 2015:

As the Parent Hospital Association (PHA’s) annual legislative meeting convened last Saturday, the overwhelming message to save the Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) from closure was heard from a patient crowd lined up all the way out the back door of Wagner Hall on the SDC Campus. Some speakers have loved ones who are clients at SDC, some spent their career caring for the developmentally disabled at the site, and some were just concerned citizens. With an audience of more than 200 people, as well as elected officials and representatives from Sonoma County and state, the support for saving the Sonoma Developmental Center was heard loud and clear. State Senator Mike McGuire, Assemblyman Bill Dodd, Supervisor Susan Gorin and representatives from Congressman Thompson, State Senator Lois Wolk and Assemblyman Mark Levine all expressed their support for creating working partnerships for a successful outcome, as well a unified message that the focus should be on those who still call SDC their home.

As many expressed, one of numerous concerns was that SDC could be the last resort for the type of care needed for those with severe physical or mental health challenges. Therefore, the importance that SDC remain open is critical, although many know that “change is on its way.”

It was also announced that the first ‘Transform SDC’ Project workshop is now set for May 2nd at the Vintage House in Sonoma from 9am to 12pm. Additional information will be provided in the following weeks to come.

For further information on how the SDC Legislative Meeting progressed please follow the link below.

Passionate Pleas to Save Sonoma Developmental Center

Provided courtesy of the Press Democrat website, by Robert Digitale.

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