March 14, 2015:

John McCaull, pictured here is just one of the many speakers that day presenting to an audience of more than 200 people, as well as elected officials and representatives from Sonoma County and state, where the support for saving the Sonoma Developmental Center was heard loud and clear.

Photo courtesy of Sonoma Land Trust.

SDC Legislative Meeting

SDC Legislative Meeting

2 thoughts on “SDC Legislative Meeting

  1. The local support for SDC is strong. I am grateful for the care Sonoma county regular folks have for the future of SDC and its staff and residents. The county and local legislators are also to be commended


  2. Sonoma supports SDC. It must remain open. A plan is needed to expand services and take care of more developmentally and mentally disabled people. SDC should become a center of last resort. develop a revenue steam from private and public sources. We must protect the land from being sold to commercial developers.


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