Announcing the Parent Hospital Association Annual March Legislative Meeting

January 15, 2015:

You Are Invited to Join

Parents Hospital Association supporting the residents, families and friends of

The Sonoma Developmental Center

At the Annual March Legislative Meeting

March 14, 2015-10 until noon

Wagner Building on the Sonoma Developmental Center Campus

PHA will hold its annual March legislative meeting this year in order to give the residents, their families and friends, staff, and local community members a chance to speak directly to their legislators about the future of Sonoma Developmental Center. This year it is more important than ever that everyone who cares about the center attend. Sonoma Developmental Center continues to lose population as older residents pass away, younger and healthier residents are placed in alternative settings, and the Department of Developmental Services continues to pursue a policy of non-admission. This meeting is our best chance to offer legislators our perspective on the importance of the quality services residents of Sonoma Developmental Center receive, the gaps in service for residents outside the center, and the importance of the open space surrounding those who live there.

We will plan to have an agenda, but also open the floor to anyone in attendance who wishes to share. Because this meeting is well attended we often run out of time before we run out of folks who wish to share. We apologize in advance for if we fail to give everyone the chance to speak. We will impose a time limit on those presenting to allow the greatest number of people the chance to speak. We urge you to not hesitate to speak but to plan your remarks so that you make your comments and time count.

PHA is grateful that Sonoma Developmental Center is located in Sonoma, a community of caring and support for our loved ones who reside there. We have always welcomed members of the community to the Sonoma campus and they have always welcomed the center residents into the local community restaurants, and businesses, and shared open spaces. We are also grateful to the wonderful Sonoma staff and want them to feel welcome to attend our meetings and join with PHA in having a voice about the future of the center. We hope you will chose to join with us for the March legislative meeting and let your voice be heard!

The official PHA website is


Announcement courtesy of Kathleen Miller, President of the Parent Hospital Association. 

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