Governor Proposes Continued Funding for SDC in 2015-2016 State Budget

January 13, 2015:

Governor Proposes Continued Funding for SDC in 2015-2016 State Budget to Cover Program Improvements

On January 9th, Governor Brown released his Draft 2015-2016 State Budget. In a published Budget Summary, the following information is provided about what we can expect for funding allocations for developmental centers in general, and for SDC in particular:

Department of Developmental Services

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) provides consumers with developmental disabilities a variety of services and supports that allow them to live and work independently or in supported environments. California is the only state providing developmental services as an individual entitlement. DDS serves approximately 288,000 individuals with developmental disabilities in the community and 1,100 individuals in state‑operated developmental centers (DCs). For 2015‑16, the Budget includes $5.7 billion ($3.3 billion General Fund) for support of the Department.

Certification Issues

  • The Budget includes $21.4 million ($11.6 million General Fund) and 179.5 positions for costs related to the ongoing implementation of Program Improvement Plans at the Sonoma, Fairview, and Porterville Developmental Centers.
  • The federal government, through the state Department of Public Health, has determined that certain units at the Sonoma Developmental Center are non-compliant with federal licensing and certification requirements and should be decertified, thereby becoming ineligible for federal funding. This ruling is being appealed, but if the appeal is not successful the state will have to back-fill approximately $33 million in lost federal funds in 2014‑15, growing to $43 million in 2015‑16. In addition, the Porterville and Fairview Developmental Centers are implementing federally required Program Improvement Plans to maintain annual eligibility for approximately $50 million in federal funds.

For more detailed information, see the January 2015 Department of Developmental Services Governor’s Budget Highlights.

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